All Admin Content Core Design General Query

Shortcodes Generator

Create custom Shortcodes using add_shortcode() function.

Post Type Generator

Create custom Post Types using register_post_type() function.

Meta Box Generator


Create custom WordPress Meta Boxes using add_meta_box() function.

Hooks Generator

Create custom Hooks using add_filter() and add_action() functions

Taxonomy Generator

Create custom Taxonomies using register_taxonomy() function.

Term Meta Generator


Create custom Taxonomy Meta Fields, commonly known as Term Meta.

Menu Generator

Create custom Navigation Menus using register_nav_menus() function.

Sidebar Generator

Create custom Sidebars using register_sidebar() function.

Widgets Generator


Create custom WordPress Widgets using WP_Widget class.

Theme Support Generator

Create custom Theme Features using add_theme_support() function.

Toolbar Generator

Create custom Toolbar (Admin Bar) using WP_Admin_Bar class.

Dashboard Widgets Generator


Create custom Dashboard Widgets using wp_add_dashboard_widget() function.

WP_Query Generator

Create custom WordPress Queries using WP_Query class.

WP_User_Query Generator

Create custom User Queries using WP_User_Query class.

WP_Comment_Query Generator

Create custom Comment Queries using WP_Comment_Query class.

WP_Term_Query Generator

Create custom Term Queries using WP_Term_Query class.

WP_Network_Query Generator

Create custom Site Queries using WP_Network_Query class.

WP_Site_Query Generator

Create custom Site Queries using WP_Site_Query class.

WP_Tax_Query Generator


Create custom Tax Queries using WP_Tax_Query class.

WP_Meta_Query Generator


Create custom Meta Queries using WP_Meta_Query class.

WP_Date_Query Generator


Create custom Date Queries using WP_Date_Query class.

Post Status Generator

Create custom Post Status using register_post_status() function.

Quicktags Generator

Create custom Quicktags for the WordPress text editor.

wp-config.php Generator

Create custom configuration settings on wp-config.php file.

Plugin Readme Generator

Create custom readme.txt file for your WordPress plugin.

Schedule Cron Job Event

Create custom Cron Jobs using wp_schedule_event() function.

Register WordPress Scripts

Register custom WordPress Scripts using wp_register_script() function.

Register WordPress Styles

Register custom WordPress Styles using wp_register_style() function.

oEmbed Providers

Register oEmbed providers using wp_oembed_add_provider() function.

Theme Default Headers Generator

Create custom Theme Default Headers using register_default_headers() function.

User Contact Methods Generator

Create custom Contact Methods for WordPress user-profile.

Settings Page


Create custom Settings Pages using add_options_page function.

Custom Snippet

Save your own WordPress snippets and share them with the world.