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Use this tool to create custom code for Shortcodes with add_shortcode() function.


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Shortcode tag in the content.
e.g. [tag]
The function used in the code.
Self-closing shortcode: [tag]
Enclosing shortcode: [tag]content[/tag]
Enable attributes such as
[tag foo="123" bar="456"].
Use "shortcode_atts_{$shortcode}" filter, to allow shortcode attributes filtering.
Set custom filter name.
Attribute name. Lowercase.
Default value.
e.g. [tag attr_name="default_value"]
Attribute name. Lowercase.
Default value.
Attribute name. Lowercase.
Default value.
Custom code to generate the output.
Should only "return" the text, never produce the output directly.
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// Add Shortcode
function sc_itweet( $atts , $content = null ) {

	    $twitter_url = '';
	    if( !$json = get_transient( 'itweet-' . $id ) ) {
	        $response = wp_remote_get( $twitter_url'oembed.json?align=center&id=' . $id );
	    if( $json || 
	        ( $response['response']['code']==200 && $json = json_decode( $response['body'] ) ) ){
	        set_transient( 'itweet-' . $id, $json );
		$tweet = $json->html;
		return $tweet;
	// Usage : [itweet]123456789[/itweet] where 123456789 is the tweet's id

add_shortcode( 'itweet', 'sc_itweet' );