Quick Stats: WordPress 4.4 Downloaded Over 40M times

WordPress 4.4 reached the 40 million downloads mark. WordPress Version Stats shows that 50% of all active installs worldwide now use version 4.4. WordPress global market share in the CMS market is over 26%.


WordPress 4.4 Downloads Counter
WordPress 4.4 Downloads Counter


Since last year, WordPress Version Stats are more reliable, while representing stats only from API calls that origin from active WordPress installations.

As of now, WordPress 4.4 represents 50% of all active installs. The bad news is that the other 50% use old, unsecure WordPress versions.

Plugin developers should know that old but still actively supported versions (WP3.7+) represent 90.6%. Meaning that 9.4% are using unsupported versions. Pay attention to this figure when you develop your plugins and you need choose the minimum required version. By the way, WordPress 4.x represent 82.7% of all active installs.


WordPress 4.4 Market Share
WordPress 4.4 Market Share


On that note, we should also mention some more exciting stats we learned about recently. WordPress now seems to take up 26.2% of the whole web, according to w3techs. Now isn’t that amazing?


WordPress 4.4 Historical Stats
WordPress 4.4 Historical Stats


Developing products for growing markets increases your sales as the entire market is growing. In the beginning of 2015 we predicted that by the end of 2016, WordPress will reach 27%. Now it seems, this milestone will be reached much sooner.

What market share percentage do you expect WordPress to have by the end of 2016? Let us know your predictions in the comments below.

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Rami Yushuvaev

Rami Yushuvaev

I'm an entrepreneur, a web developer and a blogger. I’ve contributed code to each and every release since WordPress 2.8. I'm the Hebrew GTE responsible for the translation and the release of WordPress Hebrew version. The founder GenerateWP.com and several other WordPress related projects. I work mainly with Israeli startups and hi-tech companies, providing development services.

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  • efratrosenbaum

    I believe that we will see a market share of about 27.5%-28%…


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