Improving the Sidebar Generator

Many of our generators may and do have multiple instances in a single site which means you would have to create multiple snippets to get the desired results. For example, you would need to use our Sidebar Generator multiple times to create multiple sidebars.

So to make your life a little bit easier, we have improved and updated our Sidebar Generator to allow you to create multiple sidebars in a single generator snippet. From now on, you no longer need to generate several sidebars and edit the code manually to merge all of them to a single function, it’s all done automatically!

The Old Sidebar Generator

In the previous version of the generator, the fields were separated in two tabs and you could generate only one sidebar each time.

Old Sidebar Generator
Old Sidebar Generator
Old Sidebar Generator
Old Sidebar Generator

The problem was that if you needed to generate several sidebars you had to edit the code manually and merge all of them to a single function. Bad user experience, more work and repetitive code.

The New Sidebar Genarator

With the new and improved version, the sidebar fields from the two tabs were merged into a single tab. Furthermore, we added more tabs allowing you to create up to 5 sidebars in a single snippet.

New Sidebar Generator
New Sidebar Generator

It’s a simple improvement with a huge impact on our users. No more code editing, now you can create multiple sidebars in a single generator that you just copy the ready-to-use code and paste it into your project!

Backwards Compatibility

Each time we change or update our generators we face a few challenges, the most prominent in how to keep backwards compatibility with save snippets in our system. The current update was done in a way so it will have no effect on your saved snippets.

Whats next

As you can see we are always improving and updating our generators and you can expect a few more updates to other generators in the following few weeks.

Your Feedback…

As always – we love user feedback. We receive tons of feedback and we just love it, many useful improvements came from our users. If you have tips to improve the generators and reduce the development time, feel free use the comment area below.

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