GenerateWP is two years old!

Two years ago was launched with 5 easy-to-use code generators. Since then, we have grown! Today the site offers over 20 generators with a few more under development and many more planned on the way.

In the beginning…

The first 3 generators built to serve the vibrant Israeli WordPress community. They were an instant success story. So, naturally, A month later, the generators translated to English and on January 2013 launched with 5 code generators to serve the whole WordPress community. launched on January 23, 2013 with 5 code generators launched on January 23, 2013 with 5 code generators

Not long after that (about a week), a major brand offered to buy the site and developers approached me offering to finance more cool generators. I decided that it wasn’t the right time to give up the site since i had big plans for it and for the WordPress community

The first version of the site was developed using simple vanilla PHP forms. A year later, as a proof of concept, the site migrate to WordPress building everything from scratch using our own generators. There for, you can say that GenerateWP was built using it’s own tools and generators!

The team had to expend. I recruited Maor Chasen and Ohad Raz to the team. Maor developed the front-end saving mechanism. Ohad rewrote the entire code base to use object oriented programming that will play well with WordPress. And i cotinued to create more and more generators.


We have well over +15K registered WordPress developers which have created and saved countless snippets generated using our active generators. Not all the users save the code as a snippet, many just use the generators to create valid code for their projects.

Our page view count averages 100,000 a month so, If you would like to promote your WordPress service – 100% of our visitors are WordPress developers and designers. 🙂

Educational tool

GenerateWP helps developers to reduce development time – we know, they tell us so. It’s also used as a learning tool. The site is used in WordPress classes around the world to teach new developers how to properly code using WordPress coding standards. We managed to confirm class in Thailand, universities and collages in Israel, United-States, Canada and Germany. We also have received requests to translate our tools to other languages. (maybe later… its in our todo list)

Plans for the future

At the beginning we tried to reduces development time and provides quality code boosting-up the workflow. As the service continue to grow, we had to make new plans for the future.

As mentioned above, GenerateWP is a learning tool. And people learn from each other. This is why we encourage our users to save snippets, share the code with the community and spread development best practices. We also allow you to “clone” other snippets and change them to your needs! Colaborative tool is beneficial for everyone.

Front-end designers use to showcase their code, JavaScript developers use, bootstrap developers have, and WordPress developers have!

Introducing custom code snippets

To celebrate our “2nd birthday” we have a new tool for you code snippets. Simple tool that allows you to save and share any snippet!

In the coming weeks we will provide an embed options (including oEmbed) for you to embed these or any other snippets you save anywhere you want.

That’s it for now feel free to speak your mind in the comments bellow.

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Rami Yushuvaev

Rami Yushuvaev

I'm an entrepreneur, a web developer and a blogger. I’ve contributed code to each and every release since WordPress 2.8. I'm the Hebrew GTE responsible for the translation and the release of WordPress Hebrew version. The founder and several other WordPress related projects. I work mainly with Israeli startups and hi-tech companies, providing development services.


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