Improving the Sidebar Generator

Many of our generators may and do have multiple instances in a single site which means you would have to create multiple snippets to get the desired results. For example, you would need to use our Sidebar Generator multiple times to create multiple sidebars. So to make your life a little bit easier, we have improved…
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Improvements Roundup and a sneak peek to Meta Box Generator

Hello again from the GenerateWP team. We’ve been working on a couple of exciting things and we want to share them with you. In the last few years the WordPress development process has changed. Today, many developers prefer to write custom code rather than use plugins. Our goal is to simplify the coding process, reduce development time…
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Embed snippets to your site

GenerateWP added the ability to embed snippets in external websites. Our latest tool allows you to save your custom snippets and manage them in your dashboard, now you can showcase your code in external websites.
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GenerateWP is two years old!

Two years ago was launched with 5 easy-to-use code generators. Since then, we have grown! Today the site offers over 20 generators with a few more under development and many more planned on the way.
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Register oEmbed Providers

Introducing oEmbed provider generator

GenerateWP is introducing yet another cool tool for WordPress developers. It’s a simple tool, and very easy to use. Meet our new oEmbed provider generator ! The tool helps you to create custom code to register new oEmbed providers.
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Take your shortcodes to the ultimate level

WordPress Shortcodes have become a standard in any premium theme or plugin, just as they should. They allow users to design and organize posts or pages, add functionality and insert elements without learning web development languages and programming techniques.
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WooCommerce Product tabs

Create WooCommerce custom product tabs plugin

I love WooCommerce and use it for most of my clients e-commerce sites and needs from building the simplest to the most advanced and complex online shops. Its manly for the flexibility it provides and the ease of customization. There are too many extensions to count and they cover almost every feature or functionality you…
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Allow multiple recipients to any WordPress mail

One thing that I get asked over and over for a few years now is how to set multiple recipients to WordPress sent mails or Admin email notifications, So in this tutorial we are going to answer that question and provide a simple yet elegant solution.
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Use Transients to speed up WordPress menus

How to Use Transients to speed up WordPress Menus

In my last tutorial How To Use Transients to speed up WordPress Widgets I covered the basics of Transients API and how you can leverage that to speed up your WordPress Site by caching your widgets. Similar to that we can use the Transients API to speed up our WordPress site by caching navigation menus.
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Use Transients to speed up WordPress widgets

Use Transients to speed up WordPress Widgets

Transients API is one of the lesser-known WordPress API’s and not as widely used as it should be by theme and plugin authors. This Tutorial will shows you how you can speed up your WordPress site by “caching” your widgets using Transients.
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